our_vission How important is it for an accountancy practice to have a vision? Absolutely essential! A firm is unlikely to grow unless it knows what it wants to be and how it’s going to get that way. And without growth, in this fast-moving competitive era a firm will actually be going backwards. It takes energy to do the research, the thinking and to spend the many hours of hard work to articulate the vision for a practice. The creator of a vision has to know about the market, the principles of business and how to run one, human behavior, leadership, finance and a host of other things that need to be learned. The human mind is an amazing and powerful thing. It is the engine that creates the vision, the intellectual tool that enables a person to consider a vast body of knowledge and sort out what can and should be from that which is impossible or unwanted. To be truly effective a vision must be shared with and accepted by the members of the team. It must be clearly communicated and become part of the culture of the practice. Unless this is accomplished it’s not likely to be realized. So DreamITS posses effective visions for our clients, cause we feel the stupor of our clients occurring standstill in their business and clients satisfaction is the boon for us .

Every great works are done in this world through CONTRIBUTION, not COMPETITION

Asif Kibria asif_kibria
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